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SGH PDSs and Reference Guide


All SGH PDSs and Reference Guides have been updated and reissued on 28 September 2017. This is due to RG 97, new fee and cost disclosure requirements for all offer documents. The website links will remain the same. Please dispose of any old PDS copies you may have.

FundBPO becomes Mainstream Fund Services


FundBPO will now be known as Mainstream Fund Services. Contact numbers and addresses will remain the same but there is a new website and email address:
Our website will reflect these changes on 28 September, including updates to Application Forms, Withdrawal Form, Additional Investment Form and Change of Details Form.

SGH videos


June 2017

In this series of SGH videos, our Portfolio Managers give a brief quarterly market update:

Callum Burns – SGH ICE

Hamish Tadgell – SGH20

Adrian Di Mattina – SGH Emerging Companies Fund

Grant Berry – SGH Property Income Fund

SGH20 Insights


Getting on the road and meeting with companies and industry contacts are important parts of our investing process.  In March we ventured to the US on a research trip which centered on attending Treasury Wine Estates Investor Days, Montgomery Technology Summit and meeting with some of the largest US consumer companies. Our latest article outlines our key insights, read more…