SG Hiscock and Company in the running for four awards at 2023 Fund Manager of the Year Awards

2nd Aug 2023

SG Hiscock and Company (SGH) is delighted to announce that four funds have been selected as finalists across two categories at the SQM / Financial Newswire Fund Manager of the Year Awards. The two categories cover Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (AREITs) and Global Real Estate Investment Trusts (GREITs).

The awards recognise the best of the best across 18 investment categories and consider the fund manager’s ability to create risk-adjusted alpha, outperformance in both rising and falling markets and those who consistently beat their benchmarks.

SG Hiscock and Company Director and Portfolio Manager Grant Berry and Matt Sgrizzi, CIO for LaSalle Investment Management Securities are delighted to see four SGH funds selected, which demonstrates the level of confidence in the respective team’s investment approach, particularly under the challenging market conditions of the past three years.

The SGH difference

SGH’s investment approach to AREITs – involves actively managing the portfolio by providing diversified exposure to Australian property and infrastructure assets by primarily investing in Australian real estate investment trusts (AREITs) that typically derive the bulk of their earnings from rental property earnings. This is the second nomination for SGH’s Property Income Fund this year and follows being a finalist at SQM/Financial Newswire Awards last year.

SGH’s investment approach to GREIT’s is in partnership with LaSalle Investment Management Securities (“LaSalle”) – one of the world’s most experienced real estate securities investment managers. This successful two-decade long relationship with LaSalle, enables SGH to offer two global property value-orientated investment funds in Australia, enabling SGH’s clients to benefit from exposure to global property income and capital returns. The SGH LaSalle Concentrated Global Property Fund was last year’s SQM/Financial Newswire award recipient.

SGH believes its combination of a highly experienced team, strong partnerships, and investing in quality real estate assets across multiple regions is key to achieving consistent returns for investors.

SGH has been nominated for:

SGH wishes to extend the best of luck to all the finalists on the evening!



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