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SGH Enhanced Income Trust

The SGH Enhanced Income Trust (EIT) was launched on 1 April 2020, with SG Hiscock & Company Limited (SGH) as the Investment Manager

Before making a decision about whether to make an investment in the Fund, please read the Fund’s Target Market Determination (TMD) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) (including all incorporated information) to ensure the features of the Fund as described in the TMD and PDS aligns with your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Quarterly Fact Sheet
How to invest


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At a Glance

APIR code ETL6695AU mFund code - Minimum investment $20,000 Management cost 0.21% Distributions per annum 4 Commencement date 31/03/2020 Asset class Mixed Asset Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (BAUBIL) + 1%
Investment objective The objective of the Trust is to provide a quarterly income stream and seek to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index. Annual report Download
Please refer to the current PDS, reference guide and TMD for further details including any additional fees that may be applicable.

At a Glance

Investment ManagerSG Hiscock & Company Limited
Commencement01 April 2020
Management Costs*0.21%
Performance Fee**20.50%
[1] Includes estimated GST payable, after taking into account Reduced Input Tax Credits (“RITC”).
[2] Performance Fee: 20.50% of the amount by which the Trust’s performance exceeds the performance hurdle (Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (BAUBIL) plus 1%). Any underperformance from a prior period must be recouped before a fee can be taken (we call this the High-Water Mark).

At a Glance

Distributions Quarterly
Buy Spread 0.10%
Sell Spread 0.10%
Trust Brochure Download
Quarterly Fact Sheet Download
Annual Report Download


Periods Ending 30 June 2021
Total Net Return
Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (BAUBIL) + 1%
Total Net Return vs. the Benchmark
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.  Performance for periods of less than 12 months is not annualised
Performance: Total Net Return is the Trust return after the deduction of ongoing fees and performance fees and assumes the reinvestment of all distributions
*Inception Date: 1/4/2020


1 mth % 3 mths % 6 mths % 1 Year % Since Inception* %
0.42 1.08 2.25 4.77 9.55
0.08 0.26 0.51 1.06 1.10
0.34 0.82 1.74 3.71 8.45


30 June 2020                0.22 cents per unit
30 September 2020     0.22 cents per unit
31 December 2020       0.34 cents per unit
31 March 2021                0.34 cents per unit

Investment strategy

The Trust is designed to provide a quarterly income stream and medium to long-term capital growth potential and seeks to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (BAUBIL) plus 1% after fees over a rolling 12 month period.

Investment parameters

To achieve its investment objective, the Trust will:

  • Invest in a group of securities comprising:
    • Securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange including:
      • Australian equities that meet a yield criteria
      • Corporate Bonds
      • Hybrid securities
      • Subordinated debt
  • Unlisted securities issued in the Australian market that pay a fixed or floating rate of interest
  • Have no minimum weighting to cash. In the event there is considered material downside risk cash can increase to 100%.
  • Hold an individual security limit of no more than 15%.
  • Have a maximum weighting of 15% to Australian equities
  • Specific consideration is not given to sector diversification, however the portfolio is suitably diversified at all times.
  • The Trust may use derivatives for risk management purposes, as substitutes for physical securities, but the Trust will not be geared.

Performance as at 30 April 2024. Powered by data from Financial Express. For funds with less than 5 yrs performance history, refer to fact sheet for since inception returns.


Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y 7Y 10Y Entry Nav Exit Date History
Fund Name 0.50% 2.03% 4.16% 7.47% 4.45% - - - $1.1340 $1.1329 $1.1318 23/05/2024


Existing investor with Apex investor number:

  1. Download and read PDS, reference guide and Target Market Determination (TMD).
  2. Complete additional investment form and send to Apex Fund Services Unit Registry.
  3. If using BPAY® no form is required. BPAY® Biller Code is 349712. You will need your Customer Reference Number (CRN) which you received from Apex Fund Services.

Please contact Apex Fund Services at 1300 133 451 if you require assistance.

Not an existing investor:

  1. Download and read PDS, reference guide and Target Market Determination (TMD).
  2. Submit application form online.


  1. Download and read PDS, reference guide and Target Market Determination (TMD).
  2. Complete an application form and send to Apex Fund Services Unit Registry.

How to Invest

1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement and complete the Application Form PDS Download
2. Read the Reference Guide in conjunction with the Product Disclosure Statement Reference Guide Download

Additional Forms

Download and complete the Additional Application Form Additional Application Form Download
Download and complete the Redemption Request Form Redemption Request Form Download
Download and complete the Change of Details Form Change of Details Form Download

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