abrdn is a global investment company that helps clients and customers plan, save and invest for their future. Enabling their clients to be better investors drives everything they do. Across markets globally, abrdn builds investment solutions to enable clients to create more opportunities for their futures. As the exclusive fund’s distribution partner of abrdn in Australia, we are proud to offer the following funds:

abrdn Global Risk Mitigation Fund EQI4297AU
abrdn Multi-Asset Real Return Fund CRS0002AU
abrdn Multi-Asset Income Fund CRS0001AU
abrdn Sustainable Asian Opportunities Fund EQI0028AU
abrdn Sustainable Asian Opportunities Active ETF (Managed Fund) EQI7996AU
abrdn Sustainable Emerging Opportunities Fund ETL0032AU
abrdn Sustainable International Equities Fund CRS0005AU
abrdn International Equity Fund EQI0015AU
abrdn Global Corporate Bond Fund ETL0132AU


For more information and fund documents you can visit the abrdn fund centre website.

If you would like to discuss any of the abrdn strategies, please contact SGH Client Services team at clientservice@sghiscock.com.au, call 1800 636 888 or +61 3 9612 4646.