SGH Wealth provides high quality, diversified investment portfolios to a broad range of clients with varying risk appetites and funds available for investment. SGH Wealth aims to lower the barriers to entry for those wanting diversification in their personal portfolio or the peace of mind of a professionally managed portfolio. Reflecting this, minimum initial investment is $15,000.

There are four model portfolios, ranging in risk appetite and income focus:

Asset Allocation

With a history managing Australian equities and fixed interest, we invest directly in these asset classes. In other asset classes, we take a best of breed approach and identify and invest in appropriate managed funds. We are firm believers that clients should be given the best net return. We therefore have an active focus on reducing indirect costs in the investment process. What does this mean? It means we stick to what we’re good at, and we minimise fees. Asset allocations are different for each model portfolio to reflect the underlying long-term risk appetite of clients.

Security Selection

We believe in buying great companies at good prices. You can expect to see some household names in your portfolio, and perhaps some unfamiliar ones too. We will be explaining what these companies do and why we own them in regular updates that accompany portfolio changes, so you can stay on top of your investment. We look forward to partnering with you to grow your wealth.

Step 1

Choose your portfolio

Watch the videos below – carefully select the right portfolio for you based on your individual circumstances.

We have 4 portfolios on OpenWealth

  1. Maximum Growth
  2. Defensive Income
  3. Sustainable Income
  4. Robust Growth
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Step 2

Open your account or login, click below:
OpenWealth – SGH account

Do you have less than $500,000 to invest? It’s a simple online sign up process and our minimum investment on OpenWealth is $15,000.

Step 3

Now let us do the hard work for you…

After you invest, you can access your portfolio as well as receive regular updates from the SGH team via the investor portal or the OpenWealth app.

Maximum Growth Portfolio

Sustainable Income Portfolio

Defensive Income Portfolio

Robust Growth Portfolio

OpenInvest Limited (ACN 614 587 183 AFSL 504 155) has appointed SG Hiscock & Company (AFSL 240679) as the portfolio manager for various model portfolios it is the responsible entity for. SG Hiscock & Company has prepared this website for general information purposes only. It does not contain investment recommendations nor provide investment advice as to the suitability of the financial product to meet your needs or objectives. We strongly encourage you to obtain professional advice from an accredited financial adviser authorised to provide you with personal financial advice to determine the suitability of the financial product for you.

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) issued by OpenInvest Limited can be obtained via the OpenWealth service by clicking on the OpenWealth – SGH account link that appears above.  You should read the PDS prior to investing as it contains information that will assist you in deciding whether the service is suitable for you and which of the model portfolios is suitable for you. A summary of the four portfolios available is provided above. You should refer to the PDS to decide which option may be suitable to your needs and objectives.