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Catholic Values Trust

The Trusts are offered to registered tax-exempt Catholic entities that wish to make investments which reflect Catholic values, beliefs and principles.

Investment objectives

To provide a return (after fees and expenses) that exceeds the CPI by at least 3% p.a. after fees, measured over a rolling seven-year period and invested in accordance with the Catholic Values Policy.

Catholic Values Policy

Investments must qualify on investment fundamentals and are then screened for compliance with our Catholic Values Policy. Global equities and property assets are invested via existing wholesale listed and unlisted Trusts. Therefore, the application of the policy within these asset classes is on a ‘best endeavors’ basis, however, some residual exposure to restricted activities may occur.


Investor profile

The Catholic Values Trust is for investors seeking socially responsible investing based on the application of the Catholic Values Policy. The Trust should be viewed as an investment with a long-term investment horizon, i.e. at least seven years.

Note: Investment returns will fluctuate, with the possibility of a negative return in some periods.

Investment policy

The Trust assets are managed both internally by SGH and by a panel of external specialist managers chosen for their skill in specific asset classes.

The asset allocation of the Catholic Values Trust will have a mix of growth and defensive assets, with a benchmark position of 65% growth and 35% defensive.

At a Glance

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Catholic Values Trust

As of 30 April 2024MTD (%)QTD (%)FYTD1 year (% pa)3 years (% pa)5 years (% pa)7 years (% pa)
Gross Performance-2.181.839.2710.427.438.318.66
Performance (Net of Fees)-2.241.658.759.726.737.617.96

All returns are net of fees and yearly returns are annualised.


Catholic Values Trust
Asset Allocations

As of 30 April 2024BenchmarkPolicy Range %Asset Allocation
Australian Shares35%(30-40)33.75%
Overseas Shares (Unhedged)25%(20-30)26.25%
Unlisted Property5%(0-10)3.28%
Total Growth Assets65%(55-75)63.27%
Australian Fixed Interest25%(0-35)23.60%
Total Defensive Assets35%(25-45)36.73%

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